At ANDRO, we understand the stress that you feel when your appliances aren't working. We provide fast, quality service and guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our professional work and personal service. Most importantly, we make sure that your home or business runs smoothly!


Our experienced technicians are experts in repairing and servicing all major residential and commercial appliance brands and models, including washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, wine coolers, kitchen hood, bathroom exhaust fans, garbage disposals and more.


Whatever appliance needs you have, we have a solution for you. Contact us today to arrange for your appliances’ installation, repair or maintenance.

This discipline encompasses both detection and protection. From simple audible home fire alarm systems through water sprinklers to full FE227 inert gas discharge extinguishing systems for computer and document storage rooms, ANDRO has extensive experience.


The company has been involved in several upgrades for existing buildings with fire alarm systems being completely rebuilt using Simplex addressable technology without affecting business operations.


ANDRO was instrumental in finding a solution at design stage for the fire protection of documents in long-term storage for Deloitte. Citrus Grove therefore now has the most extensive inert gas discharge fire extinguishing system installed on Island.

ANDRO has successfully installed fibre optic, wireless and copper data telecom networks. The company was one of the first to be licensed for telecom wiring by Cable & Wireless and the first sizeable project undertaken was the Westin Casuarina Hotel.


Projects in this category also include some of the Island’s major financial institutions whose data telecom networks are not only complex but also critical to their operations.

CostWatch is an innovator in the field of utilities management. We deliver significant improvements in efficiency via monitoring, analysis, optimization and automation with a clear return on investment. 


To improve profitability in a slow economy, a business must focus on reducing expenses, improving efficiency and eliminating waste. CostWatch provides solutions that greatly reduce operating costs and promote conservation while maintaining a supreme level of customer service.


Utilities present opportunities for businesses to target fixed monthly costs like electrical consumption, air conditioning, lighting, temperature, humidity and water consumption. At CostWatch we provide metering and automation solutions for all your needs, from residential to large scale commercial customers.

The Androgroup Elevator Team is a good example of the excellence and demand for quality that encompasses the entire Androgroup force.


The triad of Androgroup’s commitment to excellence, ThyssenKrupps’ fine products and a talented team of elevator experts makes Androgroup Elevator the "Best of the Best" in any market.


The department consists of factory trained Elevator Mechanics, North American Licensed Field Mechanics and an in-house CEI (Certified Elevator Inspector). The Androgroup Elevator Team has over 32 year experience in working with Kone, Otis, Schindler, Fujitec, MCE, Dover and other manufacturers’ equipment. Holding Certifications in IUEC, NAEC, CETS elevator mechanics licenses and having TAC20 and TAC50 Adjuster certifications, Androgroup Elevator has no lack of leadership, experience and talent essential in the highly technical elevator industry of today.


Androgroup Elevator can proudly say to the people and contractors of the Cayman Islands... Going up With Androgroup Elevator Ltd.


solutions to ALL your property needs